The Struts

It’s not often an up-and-coming band can say it opened for The Rolling Stones in Paris as well as landed the opening slot for Mötley Crüe’s four final shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. British band The Struts can and there’s more to come.

The Struts, composed of frontman Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies, is bringing its arena-sized sound and glam-rock looks and swagger to its spring headline tour of the U.S. behind label debut Everybody Wants.

FreeSolo Entertainment’s Ben Berkman said he first learned of The Struts when they opened for The Rolling Stones at Stade de France in Paris to about 76,500 in 2014.

Photo: Greg Watermann

“I watched them do a great interview on French TV beforehand and saw their performance. I thought they were incredible. I heard through the grapevine that they were seeking new management and I pounced,” Berkman told Pollstar. “Growing up in the ’80s during the MTV era, my passion for music was shaped by artists who were visually and personality driven.

“In The Struts, I think we not only have an amazing, dynamic frontman but a hard-hitting, great-looking band with tons of charisma to back him up. It’s a winning combination.”

As The Struts’ reputation as a must-see live act grew along with its fan base, it also caught the attention of Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, who played the band’s single “Could Have Been Me” on his syndicated radio show, “Sixx Sense.”

Photo: Greg Watermann

“Nikki Sixx has been a longtime fan of The Struts and very supportive from day one,” Berkman explained. “Between Nikki’s passion for their music and the relationships our agents and I have with Mötley’s team, we were fortunate to receive the offer, which we jumped at.”

Berkman said The Struts’ charisma and talent makes for an exciting show.

“The band goes all out every night to entertain people. Their passion for what they do is very evident and as a result they are building a genuine connection with the audience,” he said. “It’s thrilling to see fans comment on social media that they have already seen the band several times and that they cannot wait to buy tickets to see them yet again.  I think it points to a very bright future.”