London Amends Noise Assessment Policy

In the midst of an ongoing conversation about the closure of small music venues in the United Kingdom, London’s local government has passed new regulations to protect local venues. 

The regulations come as part of an update to the city’s Planning Bill and states that starting April 6, “a condition allowing the local planning authority to consider noise impacts on the intended occupants of the development from premises in commercial use is included in the extended right.”

Essentially, developers will have to do a noise assessment of existing licensed premises before converting property for other uses.

The amendment is designed to prevent developers from quickly converting office spaces into housing, which has led to noise complaints that can shut down venues

. In addition to this amendment, reports the mayor of London is creating a Music Board to look closer at reforming city policies around the issue. Music Venues Trust and others campaigning for the live music industry in the United Kingdom continue to recommend the adoption of an Agent of Change law in the country, which would place responsibility for noise complaints on artists and performers rather than the venue.