Live Nation Backs UK Fireworks Ban

The plan is to get regulations for flares at live music events similar to those applicable to football matches.

“Rather than adding to the atmosphere, the misuse of pyrotechnics by fans can result in severe burns, breathing difficulties in confined spaces, crowd disturbance and distress,” a Live Nation statement reads.

The entertainment giant has been campaigning for respective legislation in the past “to protect the public from the dangers of flares, fireworks and smoke bombs at festivals and live events.”

Since there’s already legislation in place for football matches, Live Nation thinks it should be extended to cover other events. British MP Nigel Adams is going to propose exactly that at a House of Commons hearing April 26. Live Nation has been working closely with the Chair of the APPG for Music and members of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee.

The company says the festival and live events industry is eagerly anticipating a change to the policing and crime bill, which would outlaw the use of fireworks by members of the public at festivals and concerts. Melvin Benn, festival director of Festival Republic, said he was looking forward to hearing tomorrow’s decision.

“As we approach festival season, we are hoping to see some decisive action from the Government that will keep festival fans safe from dangerous pyrotechnics this summer,” Benn said.