New Wepromote Festival In 2017

The Swiss promoters association will premiere a new festival called Seaside in Spiez, Switzerland, August 25-26, 2017.

It will take place on the same date as the well-established Summer Days festival in Arbon, which is also promoted under the Wepromote banner.

This means that main acts will be booked to play both festivals. In charge is Philippe Cornu, also known as “Mr. Gurtenfestival.” He is also one of Wepromote’s directors.

Wepromote was founded at the end of last year and brings together Swiss promoters and bookers under one roof.

“We’re not Live Nation, we don’t have big pockets. But we can offer a lot of content like festivals and venues that we’re promoting or booking exclusively and thus provide bands with a perspective in Switzerland,” Christof Huber from Openair St. Gallen, who is also on Wepromote’s board, told Pollstar.