Strawberry Festival Organizer Teams With Sound City

Modern Sky, China’s biggest independent record label and the organizer of some of the country’s biggest music festivals, has entered into an equity partnership with the UK’s Sound City.

Four years ago Sound City forged a similar partnership with Ingenious Media, and now that Sound City has grown as an event organizer both at home and abroad it will disengage from Ingenious, with Modern Sky buying its stake in the venture, making it the sole global partner with SC. Modern Sky built the Strawberry Music Festival into China’s biggest festival, which now takes place in 20 different Chinese cities as well as New York, Seattle and Helsinki.

Modern Sky’s online platform NOW has several million subscribers. The company also runs radio stations, stand-alone music venues, and art and fashion brands. It is the founder and organizer of Sound of the Xity, a Beijing-based music conference and showcase held every April. Sound City is headquartered in Liverpool, an attribute that Modern Sky founder Shen Li Hui said was central to his decision to form the partnership.

“The founder of Sound City, David Pichilingi, has a great deal of experience and we can learn a lot from him and his team,” Hui told Music Week. “We are very lucky to become Sound City’s strategic partner. We also believe that Sound City will be a new platform to open the European market up for Chinese music talent.”