Fine For Aussie Rave Where Man Died

The Australian property owner who allowed the unauthorised Omega EDM festival to happen on his land June 11-13 – and where a 24-year-old man died of a suspected drug overdose – was hit with the maximum fine of A$3,000 ($2,240).

Scott Greensill, general manager of the Clarence Valley Council in northern New South Wales (NSW) said, “We will not allow people to flout rules that govern people’s safety. If landowners think they can host illegal events like this without penalty they are completely misguided.”

“Bush doofs,” usually illegal raves held in remote country areas away from council and police scrutiny, are a problem for authorities.

They seldom have event management plans, risk assessment, evacuation or traffic plans. In October 2015 a 23-year-old man OD’d at the Dragon Dreaming Festival, also in NSW.

Omega, which charged $190 ($142) a head, was originally to be held on an Aboriginal mission was changed at the last minute when promoters failed to get council clearance.

David Gallagher lay dead in his car for 12 hours, 200 metres from where 2,500 were dancing. Coffs-Clarence Local Area Command Detective Inspector Darren Jameson was angered that organisers refused to stop the event after Gallagher’s body was discovered by friends.

“These rave event organisers show no regard for the safety of people,” he said. ”They have to be stopped.”