Double Door Slammed

An iconic venue in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood is once again in a legal battle with its landlord, and this time it might have to close up shop.

, the 550 max-capacity venue, which hosted The Rolling Stones and was a filming site for the movie “High Fidelity” apparently did not file its application to renew its lease in time to keep its location.

The case was taken up in a circuit court, where a judge ruled that landlord Brian Strauss and club management had until Aug. 4 to work out a deal on their own.

Co-owner Sean Mulroney said he mailed a request to extend the lease more than 6 months in advance of the expiration, but that was never certified. Attorneys for landlord Brian Strauss said the letter was not received.

Despite being a diverse neighborhood when the club opened, property value in Wicker Park has skyrocketed in recent years. Double Door is now competing with similarly sized  with a new sound system, and Strauss requested that until the current tenants leave, rent be raised from $22,000 to $33,000.

“Double Door’s been a longtime tenant of mine. Its time has come to an end,” Strauss said in the Chicago Sun Times. “Now a new future will be coming up.”

Judge Orville Hambright Jr. told the parties to return to court Aug. 4, when he will set a date for the move, as the venue currently has shows booked into 2017.