Build Your Own Monster Fest

Right this very minute, with this post, Monster Energy Outbreak is launching what is dubbed “the first ever fan-sourced music festival” – the Up and Up Festival – Powered by Tilt. You college kids in Washington and Oregon better hurry up because the competition is now officially under way.

Here’s what we know: it will include headliner Cash Cash and the challenge is powered through the Tilt app, with the first college to commit to 750 tickets getting the prize. Participating colleges include University of Washington, Washington State University, Oregon State University and University of Oregon.

Here’s what we don’t know: The time nor the place of the festival, other than it will be in October.

We asked Steven Ljubicic, general manager of Monster Energy Outbreak, to fill in the blanks.

Can you please ELI5 it (explain it to me like I’m 5) for us?  

This fall, Cash Cash has time for one additional show in the Pacific Northwest area. Instead of picking a city like Seattle or Portland at random, they’ve decided to ask their fans, particularly college students at University of Washington, Washington State University, University Oregon, Oregon State University and other local universities to tell them where their ONE stop should be. The competition is called Monster Energy Outbreak Presents: The Up & Up Festival.

Fans will vote using their wallets by purchasing a ticket (starting at $20) on Tilt. The first school to rally together and pre-sell 750 tickets – also known as “tilting” their school – will win the festival. Credit cards will only be charged at the winning stop, so there is no risk to participate in the competition. Additional tickets will be available once the winning school and venue are confirmed. The time frame for the Up & Up Festival is October.

Any free tips for the contestants?

The competition kicks off on Wednesday, July 20 at 8 a.m. PDT. Urgency is key because the first school to sell 750 tickets wins the Up & Up Festival. Fans are encouraged to share their campus’ Tilt page across social [media platforms] and with their friends. Links for each school’s Tilt page, where tickets can be purchased, can be found at Follow Cash Cash (@cashcash), Tilt (@tilt), Monster Energy (@MonsterEnergy), and Outbreak Presents (@OutbreakPresnts) for the latest information.

How will fans show their commitment, and wouldn’t they want to know the date of the festival?

Fans shows their commitment to the artist by purchasing a ticket in hopes of bringing the artist to their campus. Again, credit cards will only be charged at the winning stop, so there is no risk to participate in the competition. Timing for the festival is October. It’s in early October, early in the semester and in the middle of the week. There are no routing conflicts for the artists and weekend plans for students who are living their glory days won’t be in the way. A date will be announced once a location/venue is booked.

How do you feel this is an industry-changer as well as a groundbreaking event?

Fan-sourcing concerts and tours will be the future. Now, artists can truly listen to their fans and perform where they have the most demand. Instead of going on traditional tour routes, hoping to sell out, artists can discover pockets of new fans, even in secondary or tertiary tour markets. The Up and Up Festival demonstrates the power of fan-sourcing. Efficient and economical, the information learned from it, is the future. 

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