Canada Prepares For Close Of The Tragically Hip Tour

Iconic Canadian rock act The Tragically Hip is closing out its Man Machine Poem tour tomorrow night in its hometown of Kingston, Ontario in what is promising to be a seminal moment in Canadian musical history.

The Hip’s live shows, often acclaimed as sensational, have been particularly emotional this summer, since it was revealed that frontman Gord Downey had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, implying that this may be his last time on the road.

Tickets to show. Tickets on secondary sites are starting around $1,000.

The performance, which, according to the Kingston Whig-Standard, will be attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, will also be livestreamed nationally and in Kingston’s Springer Market Square. Police are anticipating 25,000 to pack the town square and surrounding areas.

Combine the Hip show with other events going on that day, The 1000 Islands Poker Run, the CORK sailing festival and The Urban Slide, and police are saying the city streets will be extremely busy and congested, and locals are being advised to avoid driving, as many roads will be closed.

The Hip’s last tour has been exclusively in Canada, promoting its latest album Man Machine Poem. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this show in Canada, so instead I’ll just quote a few publications below.

From the Toronto Star:

“This is not just a rock band. The Hip is spring-loaded into our national identity. This is why the final concert on Saturday night, in hometown Kingston, will be broadcast live on the CBC. It’s why there will be viewing parties across the country. It’s why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will attend. It’s why nothing else will matter and for millions of Canadians tuning in around the world — at home, at bars, at public screenings, at the Olympics in Rio — time will stop.”

From the Ottawa Citizen:

“Thank the gods of rock ‘n roll, we have one last chance to revel in the guitar-driven melodies and Canadiana-laced lyrics of the act affectionately known as Canada’s band. Their songs are not only part of our collective psyche but also a unifying force, bringing together Canadians of all walks of life.”

From the CBC:

“Saturday night’s show of The Tragically Hip in Kingston is like the gold medal hockey game of Canadian music. Everyone will be watching and cheering. There may also be a few salty tears.” is home to all things Tragically Hip. The livestream will be made available through