Ex-GM Sues City, Police Officials

A former general manager of a Michigan venue has filed a federal lawsuit against several Bay City, Mich., officials including police, claiming they pressured Prime Events Center to fire him because of his race. 

Prime Events Center is owned by Dore Real Estate, which hired plaintiff Choice Causey to manage the facility March 1. He was notified by Dore in July his contract was being terminated, according to MLive.com.

Causey filed the case in U.S. District Court against city manager Rick Finn, public safety director Michael Cecchini and assistant director Thomas Pletzce, according to the Bay City Times.

Causey, who is African-American, claims he was subject to unfair treatment because of his race and in retaliation for a suit he filed against the city and several police officers in 2002.

He seeks $25,000 in damages including loss of income, humiliation and mental duress. The Bay City Commission voted to send the suit to the Michigan Municipal League for review Aug. 15.