Drone Thugs-N-Harmony

Over the years a variety of unlucky artists have been hit by bottles, trash, eggs or gifts while performing on stage. On Sunday Bone Thugs-n-Harmony encountered a flying object of another kind.

A video obtained by TMZ shows Bone Thugs’ performance at the High Life Music Festival in Victorville, Calif., being interrupted by a drone that hit one of the members.  

Photo: David Pardo/The Daily Press via AP
Stanley “Flesh-N-Bone” Howse reacts after being hit with a drone at High Life Music Festival. 

Although it was unclear from the low-quality video which rapper was hit, a photo by The Daily Press’ David Pardo (via Associated Press) confirmed it was Stanley “Flesh-N-Bone” Howse. TMZ points out that despite the drone attack, Bone Thugs kept performing. That being said, the photo of Howse shows him holding the side of his head in apparent shock or pain.

So, where did the drone come from? Good question. It’s unknown whether the drone was sent off by a fan, Bone Thugs’ team, a photographer or the festival.

Photo: David Pardo/The Daily Press via AP
A drone flies over Bone Thugs-N-Harmony while the hip hop group performs at High Life.

High Life – which is marketed as a two-day “celebration of the best hip hop and medical marijuana in Southern California” – hasn’t commented on the drone strike via its Facebook page or Twitter.  

Last year Enrique Iglesias sliced his fingers on stage while trying to grab a drone that was being used to get shots of the crowd.