Tom Moffatt Dies

Tom Moffatt, 85, known for producing legendary shows in Hawaii – notably Elvis Presley’s famed satellite telecast from the island state – died at his Hawaiian home Dec. 12.

– Tom Moffatt

Moffatt was originally known as a radio personality broadcasting “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in the 1950s before trying his hand at concert promotion, eventually bringing everyone from The Beach Boys to The Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin to Bruno Mars to the islands, and putting together a massive collection of memorabilia in the process.

He assisted Col. Tom Parker in bringing every Elvis concert to the islands, from the King’s first concert after being discharged from the Army to “Elvis Live From Hawaii,” beamed from the Honolulu International Center (now Blaisdell Arena) in 1973.

He also produced several recordings including Hawaii’s all-time best-selling album, Honolulu City Lights, by Keola and Kapono Beamer.