Eventbrite Focuses On Venues, Promoters

On the first day of Pollstar Live!

The product, called Eventbrite Venue, provides a platform which integrates booking calendars, tracks artist holds, provides easy access to riders, contracts and settlement reports, and integrates Eventbrite’s ticketing and analytics.

“Eventbrite Venue replaces up to five different systems with one single interface, specifically designed for event producers, enabling them to focus on delivering incredible live music experiences,” Eventbrite CEO and co-founder Julia Hartz said in a statement.

The new platform was developed after the 2016 acquisition of Queue, a company which has been working to address inefficiencies in venue booking and management since 2012.

“The business of running a successful live music venue is rife with tasks that take too much time, but fortunately, inefficiency is a problem technology can solve, and Eventbrite Venue does just that,” Eventbrite Director of Music and Live Events Greg Patterson said in a statement. “We’re so excited to align our announcement of Eventbrite Venue with the kick-off of Pollstar LIVE! This event brings together the finest people in live music, so it was very fitting to launch a product specifically created to solve some of the unique challenges faced by our industry.”

The company also recently acquired Ticketscript, a smaller European outfit with its own ticketing platform. Eventbrite bills itself as the world’s leading event technology platform and says more than 60 million people use its service each year.