Playboy Club Returns To NYC

New York City will once again be the home of a Playboy Club complex, more than 30 years after the company closed its first Manhattan location.

Kin Cheung/AP Photo
– NYC Playboy Club Reopening
Waitresses of the Playboy Club at the Sands Casino in Macau line up in this file photo from Dec. 18, 2010. New York will be getting a new Playboy Club on West 42nd Street later this year.

The new venue will include a lounge, restaurant, game room and “Playboy Bunnies” or women dressed in sexually provocative outfits. Playboy magazine, founded by Hugh Hefner in in 1960, had its first club open in Chicago and branched out to 30 different locations.

Today, the company still has clubs operating in the United Kingdom, Vietnam and India, with another set to open this year in Shanghai.

“Retro is in, but I’m not sure this type of retro … We live in this era when thousands of women are gathering in marches to protest. I’m not sure the zeitgeist is right for Playboy now,” travel guidebook publisher Pauline Frommer told The Associated Press.

The club will replace the recently closed Out Hotel and is expected to open later this year.