Wizpro: Oliver Hoppe Officially Takes Over

The son of German promoter icon Ossy Hoppe has been the sole managing director of Frankfurt-based

Courtesy Wizpro
– Oliver Hoppe

Oliver Hoppe joined his father’s company in 2012, when he moved into Wizpro’s operative management. He previously worked at Ledavi Emotional Brand Building, where he gained his professional experience in brand strategy.

Among other things, his expertise helped orchestrate the comeback of German rock band Böhse Onkelz, who have since welcomed 850,000 visitors in total to their open-air concerts at Hockenheimring in 2014-15, followed by a sold-out arena tour in 2016.

Ossy Hoppe said that since his son has been de facto managing the business for some time now, the transfer was a smooth process.

“I am extremely pleased and, at the same time, also reassured to be able to fully hand over the management to my son,” Hoppe said. “It was always my great wish that Oliver would continue my work and with his many years’ experience as well as considerable professional expertise he unites all the elements that will guide the company into a successful future.”

He said he would “continue to advise the company and support artists with whom I have a long-standing relationship.” Oliver Hoppe: “I thank my father and [Wizpro parent]

Christian Diekmann of DEAG added: “Oliver Hoppe is exactly the right manager to guide the idea and spirit of Wizard Promotions into the future together with his strong team and provide the right impetus.”

Upcoming Wizpro highlights include tours by established acts such as Aerosmith, KISS, Iron Maiden,Bryan Ferry, Foreigner and Zucchero as well newer bands such as Blackberry Smoke, Steel Panther, Ghost, and Chris Stapleton. And then there’s the first edition of the Böhse Onkelz festival Matapaloz at Hockenheimring, June 16-17, featuring the Onkelz themselves as well as Slayer,