Trotta Publishes Live Music Code Of Ethics

Italian promoter and founder of

– Claudio Trotta

The beneficiaries of the code are all companies, associations and participants who work in live music. The code compels them to “honest behavior” when doing business with their various partners in the sector, and “act and behave according to the principles, goals and duties mentioned in the code.”

These include obeying the rule of law, adopting transparency, integrity and impartiality, respecting the dignity of the person as well as principles of efficiency and confidentiality.

The beneficiaries shall also “respect the ethical principles inspiring the code, and guarantee both the free market and competition and the respect for the consumers.” In particular, the beneficiaries refuse “any kind of unfair competition, the participation in secondary markets not regulated by rules and every abuse of dominant positions” to defend the image of the entire sector, as well as the “cultural importance of musical shows and shows in general.”

To make sure all beneficiaries adhere to the code, a controlling body needs to be set up. What is more, each country needs to come up with a penalty system.

“The code of ethics becomes binding for every beneficiary who subscribes to it. Even if it isn’t law, it is an agreement binding for the parties,” Trotta’s lawyer Stefano Rosa told Pollstar. He went on to sum up the current state of affairs in his country: “In Italy, at the moment, the secondary ticketing is not a felony nor a misdemeanor. But, an Italian political party (Movimento 5 Stelle) is leading a law proposal about the regulation of secondary ticketing.”

The proposal would strengthen Italy’s budget law, which allows for penalties ranging from euro 5,000 ($5,200) up to euro 180,000 ($189,000) for touts as well as the shut-down of secondary ticketing websites.

“A regulation is being adopted by the Parliamentary Cultural Commission. Moreover, the District Court of Milan is investigating the phenomenon,” Rosa said.