Event Platform Stagelink Expands To U.S.

Stagelink, which is expanding to the U.S., uses fan data to help plan and finance tours with less risk, and also takes care of ticketing.

Stagelink CEO Nikolas Schriefer

Stagelink crowdsources live events to plan risk-free tours according to fan demand, which allows it to precisely predict ticket sales. Based on real-time data, artists decide which cities and venues to perform in.

The company’s U.S. expansion is made possible by a seven-digit seed financing including an extension. The first U.S. office is located in Santa Monica, Calif.

“Coming to the U.S. is an important step for Stagelink’s growth. Our analytics and promotion technology is able to predict ticket sales with an accuracy of 90 percent,” Stagelink CEO Nikolas Schriefer said. “Thus, Stagelink offers content creators a risk-free opportunity to organize unforgettable live events for their fans and generates additional revenue through ticket and merchandise sales.”

The Stagelink principle is applicable to content creators of all sorts.

The company claims there are 10 million YouTube users that reach about 1 billion subscribers every month, and believes these creators can “leverage a live potential of up to $50bn” with Stagelink’s help.

“As soon as shows are scheduled, Stagelink engages fans with targeted online promotion campaigns and turns them into ticket and merchandise buyers,” the company explains.

Stagelink doesn’t discriminate when it comes to ticketing; it distributes the tickets a promoter wants to use, unless the company functions as promoter itself.