2 Die In Crush At Massive Argentine Rock Concert

A crush of people at a massive open-air rock concert left two people dead and a dozen more injured, Argentine officials said Sunday.

Olavarria Mayor Ezequiel Galli said officials had been expecting 160,000 to 170,000 for the concert by Indio Solari, but far more showed up. Solari is wildly popular in Argentina and gives few concerts.

AP Photo/Hernan Leonardi
– A Snapshot Of The Crowd
A fan who was dancing in the mosh pit is lifted to remove him from the area, toward security, during Indio Solari

“The situation got out of hand. That many people really weren’t expected,” Galli told a news conference. He said two people were confirmed dead and 12 others were hospitalized.

Solari paused the show several times, and at one point called for help for people knocked to the ground.

The crowd overwhelmed transportation services in Olavarria, a city of about 120,000 people some 300 kilometers (180 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires. Many concert-goers found themselves stranded Sunday morning for lack of transportation.

Galli said extra buses were being brought in from the army and other agencies.