Ticketmaster’s Bot Battler

Ticketmaster has announced its latest technology platform, Verified Fan, which it claims will go a long way toward getting tickets into the hands of fans versus those pesky bots.  

– Ticketmaster

Verified Fan is expected to change the “mechanisms of an onsale so that the speed of bots is no longer a factor in the rush to get tickets,” according to a statement.

The difference appears to be a registration period: the fan will not be in a rush to grab tickets during a presale but rather will provide info like email, phone number and/or a Ticketmaster account that TM will use to verify that the user is a real human.

The human being is then sent a unique code that provides access to purchase tickets at the stated onsale time.

“This is not a guarantee that every fan will get a ticket,” TM said, “but it does level the playing field so a fan is up against another fan – instead of a bot – that wants that same ticket.” The system is already in the early stages of a rollout with 1 million registrations through Ticketmaster Verified Fan and it has “already proven its success helping artists get tickets directly to fans.”