Autism Rocks Arena Dubai Masters Endurance Test

Dubai’s newest open-air venue,

“With little experience of attending 30,000-capacity concerts in Dubai, there were some fans that did not take onboard the organizer’s warning of beating main road traffic by arriving early, thereby experiencing heavy highway traffic right before show time for the Guns N’ Roses concert,” a statement by promoter 117Live reads.

Courtesy 117Live
– Guns N’ Roses
The band plays Autism Rocks Arena in Dubai March 3, 2017, its first show ever in the Middle East.

Even lead singer Axl Rose told the crowd that he had to do “some desert dune bashing” to make the show on time. While the arena already experienced concerts by the likes of Nicki MinajFlo RidaTyga and Major Lazer in 2016, the Guns N’ Roses show was the biggest to date.

117Live CEO Thomas Ovesen said “in less than a year we have had more than 65,000 guests through the doors, 40,000 only in the past week or so, at what is a great open air venue with now fully proven car park and audience capacity features from car park slots to washrooms and F&B outlets.

“In a market where public transportation is still being developed and implemented, and very large-scale concerts are generally far and few in between, we will keep investing in transportation services and internal venue road system improvements, whilst working closely with the Dubai Authorities to also assist general road traffic for the very big events where the overwhelming part of the audience still will want to travel by the means of their own cars.”

Announcements regarding traffic and transport arrangements for the May 6