Prosecutor: Concert Promoter Pleads Guilty In Ecstasy Plot

Prosecutors say an Atlanta concert promoter has pleaded guilty to plotting to sell the drug called ecstasy to people who attended the concerts and raves his company produced in Alabama and Georgia.

Acting U.S. Attorney General Robert Posey of Birmingham, Alabama, says 40-year-old Woodie Louis Ochle pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of conspiracy to distribute the drug, also called MDMA and Molly.


He says Ochle’s business, Freakstep Promotions, set up the concerts and dance events.

Posey says in a news release that a sentencing date has not been set for Ochle.

Posey says four other people have pleaded guilty and await sentencing. They are 28-year-old Kevin Reid Pedersen, 22-year-old Shawn Edward Perkins and 31-year-old Jennifer Leigh Petitjean, 31, all of Birmingham, and 38-year-old Kenton Lee Howard of Chelsea.