Richard Marx Cancels Korea Promo Over Tensions

Richard Marx was scheduled to come to South Korea in early May to promote a series of concerts he would be giving in the country in June, but canceled the trip over concerns related to the military tensions raised by North Korea’s recent activities.   

Richard Marx
Chris McKay /
– Richard Marx
Verizon Wireless Amph. At Encore Park, Alpharetta, Ga.

Korea Art Company, which had organized the trip, said in a statement, “Due to widely reported military tensions in the region, Richard Marx’s security team has advised him to postpone his tour of Korea,” and added that Marx “is personally disappointed and hopeful that his Korean fans will understand, and that he can visit Korea in the near future.”

However, the June concerts will go ahead as scheduled. Yonhap News has reported that while Marx is steering clear of Korea during the first week of May, rapper Wiz Khalifa is not only going ahead with his first-ever appearance in South Korea at the Seoul Sports Complex, but that he asked the promoters to extend the time allotted him to perform. Khalifa’s performance will be part of a club music festival called Seoul Sessions.