Arrow Fired Onto London Oval Stadium Field

An arrow or crossbow bolt was fired onto the pitch of The Kia Oval in London during a match between Surrey and Middlesex, Aug. 31, which was subsequently abandoned.

from Middlesex Cricket’s Twitter

Some 1,000 spectators and 400 guests attending an event in the stadium’s suites were evacuated. Scotland Yard believed the arrow had been fired from outside the grounds, according to the Telegraph.

The arrow landed close to the pitch, luckily hitting no players.

A shooter was not located, as it was believed the arrow came from elsewhere.

A helicopter could be seen flying over the grounds while police officers arrived on site. No arrests have been made so far.

Richard Gould, chief executive of Surrey Cricket Club, told the paper: “Security is always close to our heart and we’ll of course review the situation to see if there are any further measures we can consider.

“But we can’t build a wall high enough to prevent this kind of thing happening. These bolts can be fired hundreds of feet into the air before landing.”