Migos Sued Over 2015 Concert

Omar Vega / Invision / AP
– Migos
Migos play the EA Sports Bowl at The Armory in Minneapolis Feb. 1.
The owner of the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany, N.Y., sued Migos and its touring company for negligence, alleging the performers showed up late, refused to do a meet-and-greet and essentially incited a riot at a 2015 show.
The lawsuit was filed in Albany March 5 by Albany Basketball & Sports Corporation against Migos, Migos Touring Inc., the individual members of Migos (Quavo, Takeoff and Offset), and numerous John Does, unidentified individuals working as agents, employees or servants of the other defendants.
The lawsuit [acquired by Pollstar by way of The Alt] alleges that Migos’ actions at a March 6, 2015 show at Washington Avenue Armory “caused patrons to be stabbed, robbed, beaten, severely harmed, and injured,” and led to property damage.
The venue claims Migos arrived at least three hours after the group’s scheduled performance time and refused to participate in a meet-and-greet the venue had already sold tickets for. These factors made the audience very hostile, the lawsuit claims. It also alleges Migos was onstage telling crowd members to “get em” and “give them hell,” essentially encouraging people to fight.
As a direct result of the incident the plaintiff claims the venue lost its liquor license, had to cancel subsequent shows, suffered property damage and continues to lose income and revenue.
The suit asks for a jury trial, punitive and exemplary damages, legal fees and other costs and disbursements.
A spokesman for the Washington Avenue Armory sent the following statement to Pollstar: “The significant, unfortunate actions by Migos on March 7, 2015 have led to considerable business disruption to the Washington Avenue Armory and its parent, the Albany Basketball and Sports Corporation. The unwarranted negative media attention and subsequent government actions against the Armory stemming from the event has placed an undue burden upon the Armory’s operations and its ability to attract programming. Therefore, on the eve of the three year anniversary of that fateful concert, the Armory is taking this important action to remedy the losses incurred from and arising from that event.”
Pollstar reached out to representatives for Migos, but hadn’t heard back at press time.