WMM: Latin American Powerhouses Move Concerts And WorkShow Join Forces

Latin America’s biggest independent promoter, Move Concerts, has joined forces with Brazilian management and booking agency WorkShow and entrepreneur Marcus Buaiz to form WMM.

Maiara e Maraisa
– Maiara e Maraisa
Part of WorkShow’s roster

The new joint venture aims to provide its artists with a full-service offer that includes bookings, sponsorship/branding opportunities, social media work as well as “the back office component of their careers.”

WorkShow’s roster of artists includes Marilia Mendonca, Maiara e Maraisa, and Henrique e Juliano. The entire roster reaches more than 50 million followers on social media combined. Move Concerts operates offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Puerto Rico besides regional headquarters in Miami.

WMM is the brainchild of Pepeu Correa, an executive with experience in the financial markets and in live entertainment. Correa is going to head WMM. It is his goal to “improve the professionalism of a market known for its peculiar and challenging characteristics. Our roster of artists will benefit from WMM as they’ll be able to rely on a company structure and support rarely seen before in Brazil.”


Move Concerts CEO Phil Rodriguez said: “This is an exciting opportunity. We bring not only our extensive touring experience in South America to the table but also, with our offices in various countries throughout the region, the possibility of assisting some of our artists to become established in these markets as well as in Brazil.”

Longtime partner William Crunfli, president of Move Concerts Brazil, said: “Live entertainment requires productive performance in several areas. With WMM we plan to invest in various verticals within the world of live entertainment.”

Crunfli began promoting concerts in Brazil in 1981, including Queen’s historic appearance in Sao Paulo.

Wander Divino de Oliveira, president of WorkShow, added: “We have the ambition and the willingness to grow, but more importantly we want to keep our feet on the ground, focused on results, not glamour.”

Marcus Buaiz, who is a branding and sponsorship expert and whose clients include soccer star Neymar, said: “We have a lot of ongoing projects, and we are going to amaze the market with our structure and professionalism.”