WMG Unveils Facebook Partnership

Warner Music Group – Warner Music Group
Warner Music Group has announced it is teaming up with Facebook so that you can use songs from its extensive catalogue directly through Facebook.
“Warner Music Group and Facebook Team Up So You Can Add Music to Your Memories and Moments,” an announcement on WMG’s Facebook page read
This “holistic partnership” includes licensing agreements that will allow fans to share videos with WMG artists and songwriters through Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Oculus. 
While people already share music all the time on Facebook, they usually do so through YouTube or another music service with a Facebook integration, but this partnership means WMG will have its own platform and arrangement for sharing content. WMG includes labels like Warner Brothers Records and Atlantic Records, meaning it has artists like Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin,  Cher, Bruno Mars, Led Zeppelin, Gucci Mane and Ed Sheeran in its stable. 
“The team at Facebook is creating a truly innovative product and is showing real commitment to its participation in the growth of the music business,” Eric Mackay, EVP, Global Digital Strategy, Warner/Chappell said in a statement. “We’ve taken our time to arrive at the best possible deal, one that recognises the value that music creates on social networks, while empowering our songwriters to reach audiences around the world, in a way that will spark creativity and conversation among their fans. Our incredible catalogue of songs will be represented throughout Facebook’s platforms and we’re excited to work together to create new opportunities for both our songwriters and Facebook’s users.”