Patrick Allocco Plots Run For Congress

Patrick Allocco
Image courtesy of Patrick Allocco
– Patrick Allocco

Another music industry stalwart is stepping into the political arena as promoter Patrick Allocco seeks to represent New Jersey in Congress.

Allocco made the announcement March 6 that he was seeking the republican nomination for the Garden State’s 11th congressional district seat to be vacated after Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) retires.

As a congressional candidate, Allocco, who is running as a Republican, promises to “check his own ideology and convictions at the door,” and is developing an app and website to give all registered voters the chance to weigh in on his votes as a representative, promising to vote the will of his constituents.

The AllGood Entertainment CEO may be best known for being detained in Angola for 49 days in 2012 after two Nas concerts failed to take place. He claimed he and his son were abducted at gunpoint with demands for refunds after Nas and the opener didn’t show up at the gigs.

Nas later said that the business relating to flights, Visas and payment hadn’t been handled correctly ahead of time, but Allocco sued the rapper for $10 million, claiming the performer had put his and his son’s life at risk and that the ordeal left him in financial ruin. Allocco told Pollstar that the suit never went anywhere because his lawyer, to whom he had given power of attorney, had provided Nas with more time to get the money to the government than he realized.

Allocco has long been a colorful figure in the industry, as he and his company AllGood Productions also sued then AEG Live and the estate of the Michael Jackson for $30 million over a promised MJ concert that never materialized, though the suit was eventually dismissed.

He told Pollstar he has had a long history of working in politics and sees a number of parallels with the concert industry.  After the incident in Angola Allocco spent a number of years working with the lottery, but expressed great excitement to Pollstar about his upcoming adventure.