Liverpool Olympia Enters Into Naming Rights And Ticketing Agreement With CTS Eventim In The UK

The historic Liverpool Olympia will be known as the Eventim Olympia going forward. Besides acquiring the naming rights, the German live entertainment giant will also be the exclusive ticketing system provider.
The Liverpool Olympia
Rodhullandemu [CC BY-SA 4.0 or GFDL] from Wikimedia Commons
– The Liverpool Olympia
CTS Eventim’s logo will be up very soon

Concretely, this means that the venue retains 60 percent of the house to sell via Eventim, which leaves 40 percent for the promoter/hirer to be allocated via their preferred channels.
Financials weren’t disclosed, and neither was the duration of the deal.
The Olympia is owned by Argent Leisure and operated by VMS Live. CTS Eventim entered into a ticketing agreement with VMS Live earlier this year, which covers VMS’s other UK venues.
Argent Leisure and VMS Live are going to use the sponsorship money to make “significant investments in the venue,” according to the announcement. The plan is to improve the infrastructure of the Eventim Olympia, as well as “significantly increase the number of live events held there.”
Eventim UK CEO Nick Blackburn said, “our commitment to the Eventim Olympia goes far beyond sponsorship. We are working jointly with our partners, Argent Leisure and VMS Live, to ensure that this venue, with all its rich tradition, will continue to provide a welcoming home for artists and fans.”

Chris Zorba, managing director of Argent Leisure, is sure, that “the partnership between VMS Live, CTS Eventim and ourselves will fulfil the vast potential of this unique venue.”

Eventim Olympia
– Eventim Olympia
The Logo

Steve Forster, managing director of VMS Live, added: “The partnership with CTS Eventim gives us additional opportunities to utilize the enormous potential of this outstanding venue in the best way possible. I am absolutely convinced that, with the improvements we are making to the building, we will be able to attract even more shows. The new Eventim Olympia creates a genuine win-win situation that will also benefit the entire live entertainment scene in Liverpool.”

The Eventim Olympia is located on West Derby Road, to the north of Liverpool’s city centre, in the district of Everton. One of the oldest auditoriums in Great Britain, it was completed in 1905 by the renowned architect Frank Matcham, who also designed the London Coliseum and the London Palladium. In the decades that followed, the building was used as an indoor circus, a variety theatre and a cinema, among others.
More recently, it has mainly served again as a venue for concerts, comedy shows, sports events, as well as for fashion shows and club events. Since 1975, it has been designated as a listed building and currently has a capacity of 1,960.