TickPick Brings On The Rukkus

Secondary marketplace TickPick has bought stake in ticket inventory aggregator Rukkus.
– TickPick
Rukkus, which reps for TickPick confirmed will soon be discontinued, allowed for custom searches of dozens of ticket buyers, including some of the industry’s largest ticketing vendors, and claims it had more than 300,000 customers. 
Rukkus also had the capacity to provide 360-degree, in-seat views of hundreds of venues through its app. TickPick said this tech will integrated into its own platform and Rukkus users will be “smoothly transitioned” to TickPick. 
“We’re continuing our growth path by making smart acquisitions, developing partnerships, and constantly improving our technology for the industry’s best customer experience,” TickPick co-founder and co-CEO Brett Goldberg said in a statement. “Rukkus brought in several hundred thousand valuable customers, and they also built a very impressive seat-view capability that is much more immersive than the ‘virtual’ views offered by many of our competitors. This purchase and our recent acquisition of established player Razorgator are part of our customer growth strategy and our focus on refining our tech to remain the premier site to buy sports and entertainment tickets.”
TickPick’s claim to fame is its elimination of buyer fees and restrictions keeping seller fees from 10 to 12 percent, meaning its own margins on each transaction are lower, but fans always get the lowest possible price. 
Before this latest acquisition, TickPick announced in May it was purchasing the brand and ticket resale platform Razorgator, which had declared financial insolvency. Prior to that, the company took over duties for Firefly festival from StubHub.