Rhein-Main Concerts: Wizpro And Handwerker Promotion Open Joint Office In Germany

Frankfurt, Germany
– Frankfurt, Germany
The Rhein-Main region has a new local player: Rhein-Main Concerts

Two of Germany’s biggest promoters, Wizard Promotions and handwerker Promotion, both part of Deutsche Entertainment AG, launched the Rhein-Main Concerts GmbH by opening a joint office in Frankfurt, Germany.
The new promotion company officially begins operations on Nov. 1, and will be headed by senior project manager Jutta Sebastian, who used to work for several promoters in the region, including Shooter Promotions, before joining Rhein-Main Concerts.
She is going to successively build her team alongside Wizpro CEO Oliver Hoppe and handwerker CEO Fred Handwerker. The plan is to collaborate with other promoters consolidated under the DEAG umbrella on bringing concerts and events to the so-called Rhein-Main region, the territories surrounding the rivers Rhine and Main.
The presale for several concerts promoted by the new company have already launched, including Till Brönner, Nitro Circus, Anna Netrebko, Bryan Ferry, Joan Baez and Heartbeat Of Home.
Handwerker Promotion has been mainly operating in the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Company founder and CEO Fred Handwerker said, creating a presence in the Rhein-Main area was the “next logical step.”
Wizard Promotions is promoting nationwide concerts in Germany. Company CEO Hoppe, who was born in Frankfurt, said, it was a “great honor” to become more active in the local market.
DEAG executive board member Christian Diekmann said ,the joint office, which came with a lot of experience and know-how, would allow DEAG to better promote and market its own content in the Rhein-Main region.
All earnings of Rhein-Main Concerts are going to be fully consolidated in DEAG’s earnings.
By launching a new office in Frankfurt, DEAG expands its presence in local German markets. The concern also operates offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, as well as Zurich (Switzerland) and London (UK).
In Germany, which is made up of 16 states with different cultures, media and infrastructure, local promoters have always played a significant role.
Ben Mitha, MD of Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion, talked about their importance in a recent interview with Pollstar.
In another Pollstar interview, Till Schoneberg, of Konzertbüro Schoneberg, explained why he thought local promoters would loose significance going forward, as the big promoters strive to promote shows in Germany entirely on their own, without a local partner that needs to be paid as well.
Live Nation recently opened another German branch in Munich, adding to offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt.