Qs With A Pollstar Live! Panelist: Leca Guimarães, International Director At C3 Presents

Leca Guimaraes, international director at C3 Presents
Gideon Gottfried
– Leca Guimaraes, international director at C3 Presents
Speaking at last year’s MIDEM Live Summit

Pollstar reached out to Leca Guimarães, international director at C3 Presents, to ask her a few questions prior to her appearance at the upcoming Pollstar Live! conference in Beverly Hills, Calif., Feb. 11-13.
Guimarães will be speaking on the panel “International Festivals: Juicing Up a Mature Marketplace”, alongside John Boyle, president of Live Nation Japan; Thomas Dürr, CEO of ACT Entertainment; Stuart Galbraith, founder of Kilimanjaro Live!; Jan Quiel, booker/promoter Seaside Touring; and Beatrice Stirnimann, CEO of Baloise Session.

What are you most looking forward to about your panel, “International Festivals: Juicing Up a Mature Marketplace”?
I’m excited and love the idea of having a talk about non-booking related stuff. It’s the same panel we had a MIDEM and I believe it was very cool to see the other side of the international festivals, how different it can be in different countries.
Some of the speakers are the same, so I’m excited to see them again and looking forward to meet the new ones.
Speaking of festivals: Which industry development has impacted this business the most in recent times? Lack of headliners? Artist fees? Consolidation? Or has business never been better, which is the impression you get when speaking to international promoters these days.
I think it’s hard to say in general. I believe it’s a combination of factors and it depends on which country/market you are talking about.
In South America the festival market is doing great when it comes to partnerships and ticket sales, but we suffer with lack of headliners, which makes sense there. Hip-hop, for example, doesn’t translate, so headliners in that genre wouldn’t mean the same over here.
On the other hand, since media has been changing in all aspects, festivals and experiences have become most important. We’ve never had so many brands wanting to be connected or producing content in live events/festivals before.
What aspect are you most looking forward to at this year’s Pollstar Live! Conference and why? 
It will be my first time at Pollstar Live!, so I’m looking forward to the whole thing I guess, but of course, I have picked some panels that I think it will be very interesting and beneficial for me, like “TOUR DEALS: How Best to Navigate Fluctuating Economies, Political Minefields & Diverse Cultures”, “Voting in Concert: How Promoters, Artists, and You Can Make Political & Social Change”, among others.
I’m also looking forward to meet great and interesting people in the industry.
What recent accomplishment are you most proud of?
I guess the addition of a new Lolla in Stockholm, and going to a three-day festival in South America. And there is more to come that I think we will be proud of.
What was the live show or shows that most changed your life and why?
My first big show,