Norbert Plantinga Named Managing Director At Dutch Agency Agents After All

Norbert Plantinga
– Norbert Plantinga
The new managing director at Agents After All

Effective in April, Norbert Plantinga has taken up the new role of managing director at Agents After All, by its own admission the biggest independent full service music company of the Netherlands. 

According to the agency’s co-founder Lesley Grieten. the addition of Plantinga to the team suits the growth and ambition of Agents After All: “We have experienced continual growth over the years. That has always been organic. We now need someone who can guide our organisation and who can make it stronger.”
Co-founder Coen ter Wolbeek added: “We have known Norbert for years and have have always worked together in a very pleasant way in all his roles and jobs.
“He is great match for our company and on top of that he will bring both his local and international network and his wealthy experience in the music industry with him. To me he pre-eminently is the man who can bring our company to the next phase and can guide our increasing growth.”
Plantinga said: “I have followed Agents After All from their start in 2004. The company stands in the middle of the music world through their activities in management, publishing, syncs, label services, booking, programming and promoting artists and organising big events.”
Plantinga is currently Marketing Director at Sony Music Benelux. Before that he had the role of Managing Director at Universal Music for ten years.