Tom Windish, Music Executive Leadership Group, Paradigm Talent Agency

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Tom Windish
Music Executive Leadership Group, Paradigm Talent Agency

Tom Windish is masterful at discovering artists and trends early, including clients Lorde, The xx, Diplo and current breakout star Billie Eilish. 

“I’m used to ringing promoters up with artists they’ve never heard of and having those artists develop into something meaningful,” says Windish, whose The Windish Agency partnered with Paradigm in 2015.

“As I’ve gotten older in this business, I’ve become more comfortable finding artists that I believe in, as opposed to artists on certain labels or with certain managers,” says Windish, who signed Low to his early company Bug Booking and subsequently worked at Billions. “For instance, I found J.S. Ondara early (along with agent Jackie Nalpant) and we started booking dates years before a label was involved.”

After watching teenage phenom Eilish play Coachella in April, which Windish calls “a career highlight,” he’s planning the anti-pop star’s next moves. Fans can expect “some venue adjustments” on her U.S. tour and a handful of U.S. festival appearances in the fall. “We’re also planning an arena tour in 2020 and working on a variety of international dates around the globe, in Asia and South America specifically,” he adds. “Our partners at Coda Agency in the UK are scheduling a variety of dates in 2020 as well.”

As for trends impacting the live business, Windish says, “Music will continue to grow globally, meaning artists will originate from more remote locations, and audiences will find those artists and support them. On the flip side, artists will expand the markets they travel to around the world. South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East will become common touring stops.”