Todd Bunch

Todd Bu?nch

Eric Church

With 13 years in the books as Eric Church’s tour manager, Todd Bunch is a bona fide industry vet. He started out as a front of house engineer and, as he learned the ropes, was asked to pull double duty as FOH and tour manager, starting with a rock act called Top Secret.

Learning how to judge character has proved invaluable over the years, he says. 

“I can have a five-minute conversation with you and tell what kind of person you are. Some have fooled me, but not many.” Once he has found good people though, he says one of his biggest challenges is keeping them on the team.

At one time he was lugging around 40-lb Anvil briefcases full of paper, using pay phones at restaurants to plan their next stop. He’s also had to “navigate one artist (who shall remain nameless) stealing an ambulance and falling out of favor with about 200 bookies.”

He loves his current role and hopes touring with Eric Church will be his job until he retires. 

“It has always been my dream to create a sort of touring nirvana. Eric has allowed me to do just that. We are all like family and it is a very happy place to be. We do things quite a bit different out here than most tours. It might be a bit egotistical to say so, but everyone wants to be us.”

His biggest piece of advice for young tour managers is to keep in mind what the great Danny Joe Brown from Molly Hatchet once said: “It ain’t for everybody baby.”