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‘F**kin’ Perfect’

In a year that saw new records set in gross revenue both globally and in North America based on sales from the Top 100 tours, it was Pink’s time to shine at No. 1 after landing just short of the top spot during much of the past year and a half. Impacting that scenario was Ed Sheeran, who dominated the global charts in 2018 and much of 2019 with his record-setting “Divide Tour,” but Pink was consistently a major player and always a factor in the chart tallies.

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Pink was never outside the Top Eight on any touring chart compiled since the launch of her “Beautiful Trauma Tour” in the first quarter of 2018. She scored highly on the mid-year worldwide totals in both years – fifth in 2018 and No. 2 this summer, and, after the tour’s first year on the road, No. 4 worldwide in 2018’s year-end. Looking solely at North American touring, she was the No. 1-ranked artist twice, earning the top position in the mid-year recaps in both years, and in the final counts for 2018, she had the eighth-highest grossing tour.

Now, as 2019’s highest-grossing touring artist worldwide, Pink holds No. 1 based on grosses from 68 performances during the year-end time period (Nov. 22, 2018 through Nov. 20, 2019) staged at venues in the Americas and Europe. Her overall gross from that 12-month span is $215.2 million – a result of 1,818,933 sold tickets at 59 venues.

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