Pollstar Salutes The Women Of Live

Welcome to Pollstar’s first Salute to the Women of Live, the start of what will become an annual franchise, alongside a slate of other Pollstar editorial events geared to recognize achievement and excellence in the live entertainment industry. This, as far as we know, is the only recognition specifically dedicated to honoring the women of the touring industry, and we are very proud to present this inaugural list.
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To best describe what Pollstar’s Women of Live edition is all about, perhaps it is best to lay out what it isn’t about. The Pollstar Women of Live feature is not about power, influence, financial success or total tickets sold, although many of these women in our inaugural list have earned achievement in all of these areas. Women of Live is not a ranking or competition; the list is most definitely not to be considered all-inclusive, or totally representative of the “best” or most successful women in the live entertainment industry. Rather, what this Salute to the Women of Live is exactly that: a celebration of the hundreds of awesome women who are making a mark in this exciting industry. Read More>>

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