Pay-Per-View For Concerts: Release Party To Host Ticketed Live Streams

Release Party
– Release Party
Allows artists to sell tickets for live stream concerts

A new live streaming platform by the name of Release Party offers ticketed live streams to help artists make some money during the Covid-19 crisis.
Artists can set their own ticket prices for online concerts, dubbed “parties” on the platform, and fans get to watch an ad-free, high-quality live stream of the show. 
Aside from the ticket price, artists get to choose the date, time and duration for each concert. They can also make it an exclusive event, or sell an unlimited amount of tickets for it. 
– Countdown
Release Party helps build anticipation for the concert

Fans join the show through a custom link, and enter through a paywall, artists are paid within a few days. Each event receives a dedicated page with a countdown clock, which is designed to build anticipation.

Company co-founder Arthur Muehle believes Release Party’s “hands-on approach differentiates us from other streaming sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. We handle everything from processing payment and hosting live stream sessions to promoting artists’ shows.”
Which is why the company places great importance on transparency. “Rigorously transparent — we are strictly transparent with our pricing and messaging,” it reads on the company website.
Pollstar was given the payout details upon request: Release Party takes $0.90 plus 2.6% per ticket. There are also third party card processing fees to consider, ie card processing fee plus chargeback protection ($0.30 plus 3.30%) and payout fees per payout volume ($0.25 plus 0.25%).
“The artist can expect to see 75% to 80% of each ticket sold, but naturally this varies dependent on the number of tickets sold and price per ticket,” a company rep told Pollstar.
Release Party co-founder Tom Macmichael, who used to work as an engineer for Spotify, commented: “Release Party provides artists with the tools needed to reach listeners on a global scale, offers an outlet that is lucrative, and fosters musical creativity and ingenuity. Due to current events, live streaming is more important than ever and we hope Release Party will make the overall process easy and enjoyable for both artists and fans.”