CrowdBlink’s Mobile-First ‘Protect’ Product Allows Pre-Access Screening At Events & Work Sites

Event management platform CrowdBlink, which RFID pioneer Intellitix acquired a majority stake in earlier this year, has unveiled its CrowdBlink Protect product, described as a low-cost and efficient way of conducting access pre-screening, a symptom questionnaire and temperature checks in less than 15 seconds

“A realistic time frame for the event industry to return will depend largely on the precautionary measures implemented by it.” says CrowdBlink President Jeff Jessamine, who adds that CrowdBlink’s major projects include the multibillion-dollar LAX expansion, and that the company is in discussions with one of the globally dominant concert promoters. 
“You want to err on the side of caution, events will be the first to be shut down if there is evidence of lack of care and attention. If the industry wants to self-regulate it must proceed with an abundance of caution because the government will have the event industry under a microscope.”
CrowdBlink Protect can be used for self-assessment or by designated screening personnel or a hybrid of both, with policy set by the client that facilitates customizable questions, and can include temperature check inputs done with the aid of contactless thermometers. 
Protect is now available to businesses of all kinds. 
“There will be no switch that is turned on and the industry simply returns to normal,” Jessamine adds. “Even when restrictions relating to events & gatherings are relaxed and finally lifted by government, each company will be obligated to implement health & safety operational procedures that mitigate the risks of spreading the virus because it’s a known and recognized hazard.”
With CrowdBlink’s bread-and-butter being ticketing services, access control, verified identity, contactless payments and engagement at major outdoor events Jessamine said it quickly became apparent as the coronavirus hit North America that the company’s intelligence could be used to help multiple industries adapt to the COVID-19 shutdowns.   

Jeff Jessamine
– Jeff Jessamine
CrowdBlink President
“We did a small pivot and put our focus on creating a solution that would help multiple different industries, first of all the essential ones to continue operating without being shut down by the different governmental entities, and then to start bringing the economy back,” Jessamine says. 
CrowdBlink’s technology is grounded by fintech, identity and data with a commitment to open ecosystems, with much of its services and abilities, such as contactless cashless payment,  likely necessary for the future events industry.
“CrowdBlink has the full suite of contactless technology to transform venues and festivals into safe and contactless environments” Jessamine adds. 
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