Bringing Back The Audience: 1,000-Cap Standing Concerts Realized In Germany

Goitzsche Front live on stage
Newado Entertainment
– Goitzsche Front live on stage
1,500 people saw the band perform across the weekend, July 10-11

A German promoter collective has realized two standing concerts on the fairgrounds in Oschatz, Saxony, welcoming more than 1,500 visitors over the weekend, July 10-11.

The concerts had a capacity of 960 people per night, guests stood in boxes for up to four people. Promoters had also established a one-way street system that made sure crowds were able to maintain the mandated distances.
Thanks to the use of separate boxes and the one-way system, guests didn’t have to wear face masks.
Toilets provided by Major Compact Units were also set up in such a way as to avoid people passing each other too closely.
The two concerts were a joint production of Berlin-based promoters Newado entertainment, Mö PR from Oranienbaum and aforementioned Major Compact Units.
The lineup on both nights included German DJ duo Gestört aber Geil and punk rock band Goitzsche Front.
Promoters stated that the feedback from guests has been consistently positive. They see the standing boxes concept as a viable way of promoting shows going forward.
While the increased personnel requirements and equipment made a slight increase in ticket prices inevitable, the audience didn’t mind. 
Tickets were priced differently, the first eight rows were a bit more expensive than the rest. Promoters didn’t volunteer the exact prices upon Pollstar’s request.