Sara Bollwinkel, Agent, Paradigm

Sara Bollwinkel
– Sara Bollwinkel

The Builders

Executives playing critical roles in building sustainable careers and companies

Sara Bollwinkel
Agent, Paradigm  

Sara Bollwinkel is one of a crop of younger agents who has made her mark and will no doubt continue  in impactful ways as she builds careers measured not just by box-office grosses, but by their well-being, growth and diversity.

“I am focused on our offices becoming a place that our artists not only feel comfortable walking into, but one where they see people who look like them represented,” Bollwinkel tells Pollstar. “This is an area of our business that needs a lot of improvement. We need to create an environment for people of color and LGBTQIA to grow and thrive as future leaders of our industry.”

She adds that mental health and wellness of her artist, crews, team and families is an immediate focus during this time of pandemic, which has been “eye-opening for us all. From the health of our planet, to systemic racism that has gone on for too long in every board room, office building, venue and studio, these issues have moved to the forefront of our brains. 

“It is not the time for personal gain, but rather a time for us to use our impact that we have earned to make this industry a better place to work for the generations to come.”

And earn it she has. From developing a teenager from Los Angeles named Billie Eilish from clubs to arena-level dynamo in the span of just a few short years to bringing her own creative sensibility to update what often seems like a stodgy agency tradition, she’s building change as well as careers. 

“From branding to podcasts to writing books to livestreaming, there are many methods outside of live touring to occupy the excess of time we are all experiencing,” she says. “Touring will always be there after we are able to get through COVID-19. Until then, it’s about being as creative as possible and adjusting to our current situation.

“During the time we are living through, we hopefully have come to realize how short and precious life is and that it can change in an instant.  I am proud to work with and alongside artists who keep me fighting for them. We each have unique experiences that provide messages that are powerful; voices need to be heard.”