Future Forward: Pollstar + VenuesNow Innovation Special Issue Hub

Few if any would call 2020 a “good year,”  especially in the live business; but, some would say there are massive opportunities. From countless artists taking the time to hone their technical skills, create new COVID-safe performances (see Flaming Lips, Drive-Ins and Livestreams), and write music, to promoters like Rolling Loud launching a full slate of multimedia entertainment and live virtual events garnering millions of views and dollars, 2020 has shown much can be done despite challenging circumstances. 
Livestreaming, decades after its launch, became more viable than ever with new platforms, technologies, user experiences and types of consumption. While  “gamifying” brought live to millions and Strangeloop Studios created virtual artists who may soon be on tour. There are core concert-business stories as well, with the formation of NIVA, Crew Nation, Diversify The Stage, and a flurry of activity in the agency space as it deconsolidates and shifts. While the length of “the great pause” may continue in the near future, innovators like the ones in the following pages will surely help the business get through and, hopefully very soon, thrive once more. 

Pollstar And VenuesNow Future Forward
2020 Innovation Special Honorees


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