Berkeley Reinhold, President, Business & Law Firm of Berkeley Reinhold

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Berkeley Reinhold

President, Business & Law Firm of Berkeley Reinhold

The best lawyers are an indispensable part of any artist’s team. Their insights and legal advice not only prevent resource-consuming litigation, but their knowledge base informs and aligns with the most successful business strategies—even amidst this most challenging of business environments.

Take entertainment lawyer Berkeley Reinhold who says her most successful accomplishments this year was advising clients, who included everyone from the largest promoters, festivals and major artists, to boutique talent agencies, event producers, vendors, and brands, “in all aspects of the live event business.” This included creating “fair and practical approaches to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on their business and touring/festival deals, and to navigate new opportunities for them to not only just weather the storm, but also to use as a launching pad for ancillary businesses moving forward.”

More specifically, but without identifying her artist clients, Reinhold says she helped guide them through major pivots, including “parlaying music event production skills into event planning and logistics for Covid testing sites; launching new podcast platforms and record labels; selling music catalogues as well as producing and performing virtual concerts.”

As General Counsel for Lollapalooza, LLC, Reinhold helped ramp up the C3 Presents/Live Nation festival brand for its comeback, which already includes summer dates in Stockholm. She also advised Global Citizen on its “One World Together at Home” campaign, hosted by Lady Gaga and benefitting the World Health Organization. The virtual event had the distinction of setting two Guinness World Records: the most musical acts to perform at a remote music festival (over 70), and the most money raised for charity (nearly $128 million) by a remote music festival.

The person she prudently says helped her the most professionally to get though the year was “Eric Yuan,” the CEO and founder of Zoom, who this year we all needed. And the show she most looks forward to seeing? She again wisely chooses: “The Lollapalooza festival in ALL seven countries.”