Stephanie Langs, Music Agent, CAA

Stephanie Langs
– Stephanie Langs

Stephanie Langs

Music Agent, CAA

Stephanie Langs is a prime example of an agent working to bridge the gap between music and other media.

“Many clients are venturing into new realms, like The Chainsmokers, who executive produced and scored their first film last year, or Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, who is serving as an EP and will oversee music for a new Snapchat series,” Langs says of her personal successes in 2020. “This is something I’m very proud of and honored to be a part of; we are extending the reach of our clients into film, television and media properties. More musicians are stepping into producorial roles, rather than being hired to just contribute music (write a song, theme or score) many are now developing, pitching and selling projects across film, television, podcasts and documentaries. It’s been a wonderfully rewarding and a gratifying initiative to be a part of, progressing musicians to the forefront of these conversations. Some clients have or are in the process of setting up their own production companies, so more of this on the horizon.”

The agent’s job is always to put the client first, and Langs says many clients spent 2020 coming up with ideas.

“First and foremost, our clients have come to us with inspiring ideas; maybe it’s to score, maybe it’s a documentary or a series idea,” Langs says. “It’s been great to be part of those conversations where creative and innovative thinking is leading the charge. Artists are born to create; this past year, with the world on pause, has opened up new channels for creativity. We also have a great ethos of teamwork at CAA, I sit on many teams and work across several divisions of the agency, so I work with and rely on the great expertise of my colleagues daily. We’ve also implemented new teams, task forces and expanded the general reach internally to include broader thinking for our clients, to help strategize and support their visions. ”

Going forward, Langs says, “I see a world where more music content and IP will travel between different media formats; catalogues are being sourced for film, TV and stage; games are becoming TV formats; TV shows are inspiring music projects; podcasts to film; and on and on. Music exists across all of it, so that’s exciting.”