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Olivia Mirabella

Creative Artists Agency

Olivia Mirabella has some bonafides. She got her start in the business as assistant to hip-hop power agents Caroline Yim and Zach Iser, where she learned the ropes and now represents major artists like Chika, Miguel, Roddy Ricch and others working predominantly in CAA’s urban department and handling the southeast U.S.

“It’s funny, once you become an agent, in some ways, is when the real work begins,” says Mirabella of her “graduation” to agent. Having grown up around music, she knew what she wanted to do since college. 

Of working at CAA, she adds, “There is a real sense of community and teamwork within the music department. We all work really well together, all are genuinely interested in helping each other and to build and grow as a team.”

Although she acknowledges things are changing every day still with the Delta variant making headlines and new headaches, she is seeing hard work pay off for her clients.

“One of my clients got their first festival offer the other day,” she says. “The team was so genuinely excited. It was really cool to see everyone’s hard work paying off. Knowing that we play a part in the development and progression of an artist’s career is one of the best parts of this job.

“Mirabella is a true next-gen agent, noting that, “This job is so much more than touring,” with advice to younger generations to always follow through, older generations to empower those around them, to always listen to women, and for everyone to go to therapy. “There’s nothing cooler than taking care of your mental health.”

She also says it’s important to be transparent, something agents are not always known for.

“I think there’s a misconception that agents need to be elusive to get things done. But you’d be surprised at how many people will meet your needs when you’re transparent and up front with them.”

Props From Above:
“ We struck gold when Olivia came over from her previous employer!! Olivia is smart AF, forward thinking, and intuitive. I am so proud of what she has accomplished and the big future she has in front of her. I seriously couldn’t ask for a better colleague, trusted confidante but most importantly, a great friend!!”
Jenna Adler | Agent, CAA