Stabal TV Launches Globally To ‘Meet Demand For Content’

Courtesy of Crosstown Concerts
Scene from the Bellowhead concert, Dec. 5, 2020, which was broadcast on Stabal TV, and generated significant income during a time without live touring. (Picture courtesy of Crosstown Concerts)

Stabal Media announced the launch of its music television platform Stabal TV across the world today. Stabal TV will be available to stream on any device or download to watch on the go via iOS, Apple TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire or Roku.

Stabal TV, by its own admission, features “hundreds of hours of original music content, across all genres,” in 4K HD. Content from top artists is added daily, new music TV shows are being produced for future release, according to the press release announcing the worldwide launch.

Stabal TV states it has been funding the production of concerts, recordings, and albums for “many unsigned artists across the U.K. and U.S.,” and will broadcast the content via its platform.

Proof of concept came at the end of 2020, when UK promoter Crosstown Concerts sold 8,200 tickets for a performance by English folk act Bellowhead, grossing £175,000 ($238,000) in the process. Payout breakdown below.

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Stabal TV is now available worldwide.

Other artists, who are featured on Stabal TV, include Razorlight, Aurora, Therapy?, Not3s, Jason Donovan, Midge Ure, Turin Brakes, Heather Small, and more.

Steve Odart, chairman and founder of Stabal, commented, “The options for artists big or small appear to be shrinking across terrestrial TV music programming.

“Stabal TV hopes to change this for the benefit of both the viewer and the artist. Now is the time for broadcasters to give viewers what they want, when they want. Stabal TV will be filled with innovative music TV programming, curated with music fans in mind. We aim to be the ultimate music television platform for an on demand world.”

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Odart founded Stabal in 2018 to connect artists and their fans in the digital space. By its own admission, the company’s core values are centred around quality, creativity, reliability and production.

Odart invested in purpose-built studios, world-class production teams in the U.K. and U.S. Stabal’s in-house team captures, edits and produces the creative content, and releases it through its own online platform for a worldwide audience in 150 countries, which can experience the content – live online concerts, performances, interviews, masterclasses and film – as pay-per-view and on-demand.

A breakdown of Stabal’s payout structure.

Stabal says it “offers a fair and proportionate distribution of revenue; paying out to songwriters & content creators in equal measure as well as offering blanket deals with the big global publishers. Every content creator gets equally paid for every minute that their content is viewed.”

Content owners my be paid through commissions for promoting the Stabal TV platform, as well as pay-per minute earnings. Stabal, by its own admission, converts 25% of users from free trials to paid monthly subscribers. Content owners receive a 32.5% commission on converted paid subscribers revenue derived from a “Unique Tracking Code,” paid out for up to two years per subscriber (paid quarterly).

Furthermore, content owners are remunerated for every minute of content watched on Stabal TV. A quarterly allocation equating to 50% of Stabal’s net subscription revenue will be paid to all content owners. Revenue per minute is calculated by dividing the net subscription revenue by the total number of minutes watched across all Stabal TV content, which determines the per minute valuation for that quarter.

Odart continued, “In a post-pandemic world where demand for engaging content outweighs supply there is a real hunger for quality music TV programming. The post-Covid nervousness among some audiences only amplifies this demand. We are working directly with labels and managers alike to meet this demand for content.”

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