Glastonbury: Michael Eavis Honored, More Social Housing To Be Built

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Michael Eavis (middle) was honoured with the Freedom of Glastonbury. The man on Eavis’ right is Jon Cousins, the mayor of Glastonbury. The man on his left is David Greenway, the Town Crier for Glastonbury.

Glastonbury’s founder and promoter Michael Eavis was honoured with the Freedom of Glastonbury, May 3, in appreciation of his services to the town and the local economy.

Eavis was formally made a Freeman of Glastonbury at the May 3 ceremony at Glastonbury Town Hall. He had been nominated by the mayor of Glastonbury, councillor Jon Cousins, and the deputy mayor, councillor Serena Roney-Dougal.

In the past, a Freeman held various privileges, but these days the award is mostly symbolic.

However, as the website of Glastonbury informs, “according to tradition, as a Freeman of Glastonbury Michael has now been conferred the right to run his sheep through the centre of the town.”

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Michael Eavis groundbreaking event April 2022 1
Michael Eavis at the groundbreaking ceremony for the next 20 social homes that are to be built on land donated by Glastonbury Festival.

One of the projects closest to Eavis’ heart is the social housing project, which sees affordable homes being built on land donated by the festival. The team just announced, that an additional 20 social homes are to be built in Pilton, Somerset, on the condition that the homes will serve the local community in perpetuity. This will bring the total number of homes for the project to 52.

Michael Eavis commented, “Pilton is really important to me – it’s where I was born, where I have lived man and boy, where I have brought up my family, and, of course, it has been home to the festival for more than 50 years now. With rural house prices so often out of reach for local people, this gives villagers, most of whom are working families who live around here, the opportunity to live here for the rest of their lives at a social rent.

“I started to build these houses 45 years ago with funding from the government and when this scheme is finished, it will bring the total number of houses available to 52. Of all the things I’ve done in my life this is the one I’m most proud of.”

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The housing association The Guinness Partnership has held an event to celebrate breaking ground on new development. Guinness are working with the contractor EG Carter & Co Ltd who have commenced works on site.

Said Eavis, “The Guinness Partnership has really understood what I wanted to achieve and worked with us to ensure the houses fit with the style of the village. I’m really looking forward to seeing the houses being built, people moving in and raising a new generation to enjoy this beautiful area for years to come.”

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