Impact NextGen: Josh Mulder

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Josh Mulder is one of the emerging executive stars of 2022 who got their start n booking college concerts and became hooked. He interned at The Billions Corporation while attending Columbia.

“I was going to Columbia at the time and landed a summer gig doing ticket counts with them,” Mulder tells Pollstar. “I am a massive music fan just like everyone else but I got into booking shows on campus in college, which really sparked something in me.”

He says that, even now, he will go to a show and find “one person in the crowd and watch how much fun they are having. Seeing that and knowing that I had a small, small part in that joy makes it all worth it.”

Mulder’s had more than just a “small, small part” in a lot of joy – among the artists he’s helped develop and bring to wider audiences is Remi Wolf, who graced Pollstar’s cover in March.

“Being a part of Remi Wolf’s rise over the past year has been extremely fulfilling to me,” he explains. “From booking the first drive-in show officially sanctioned by the city of Los Angeles in 2020 all the way to her impending Fall 2022 tour which includes two Terminal 5’s, The Shrine, Stubbs, Roadrunner and more, she is an unparalleled artist and I cannot wait to see what she does next.”

Mulder has a particular interest in giving voice to LGBTQIA+ artists, which he says “is a huge priority for me personally.”

“Of course, there has been huge progress over the past few decades but, as someone who identifies as part of this community myself, I find it particularly rewarding to work within this world and keep pushing for awareness and visibility,” Mulder adds.

Among those he credits with helping him navigate his path are business and life partner Avery McTaggart. “Over 10 years together there has not been another person I know who can assess the business as acutely and intelligently as him,” Mulder says.

He also cites Trey Many, Sam Hunt, Ali Hedrick, Marshall Betts, Steven Himmelfarb, Ryan Craven and Latane Hughes among the team who helped him make it all happen.