Impact NextGen: Lindsay Dworman

Director Of Global Touring
AEG Presents


The constant revolution of the live business can be hard to keep up with, but staying plugged into the next and newest is the key to Lindsay Dworman’s success.

“It’s so important to keep trying to learn and grow no matter what stage of your career you are at. This can apply to both older and younger generations, we are in an industry where everything is evolving all the time. That is what excites me most about working in music. Whether it is a new artist, new app, things are always moving forward,” she says.

AEG Presents’ director of global touring says growing up in the music-at-your-fingertips era put her in a prime position when she got into the business, first working for Jeff Frasco at CAA in 2015 and then joining AEG two years later.

“The rise of consuming music digitally while I was growing up really gave me the advantage of being able to discover many artists at one time and cultivate a diverse taste in music,” Dworman says.

That eclectic interest shows in the artists Dworman says she’s proudest of working with including singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers, neo-soul singer Leon Bridges and funky bedroom pop artist Remi Wolf. And she was part of the team at AEG that helped put on Rage Against The Machine’s reunion tour, which was originally scheduled for 2020 and then pushed to 2022 because of the pandemic.

Every great leader knows, though, it’s not just finding the next big thing. Sometimes, it’s critical to listen to those who have walked that path before “Cody Lauzier (SVP of Global Touring at AEG) has been a big mentor of mine,” she says.

“I have learned a ton about being a promoter from him and he has always been a big advocate of mine. I think it is so important to have someone that you can really look up to and learn from in this industry and he has been that person for me. I have also had the privilege to work with Debra Rathwell. The opportunity to learn from such an iconic woman in the live business is incredibly inspiring.”