VenuesNow Conference Preview: Next Think: Big Ideas in Venue Tech

From robotic vending machines delivering burritos and Gatorade at 2022 Comic-Con to real-world Sci-Fi with radio frequency identification (RFID) and palm scanners, technology continues to push boundaries. And there is no turning back. 

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It’s up to the facilities business to stay on top of trends and technology that keep fans, artists and staff safe, entertained and eager to do repeat business. 

Peter Evans Headshot76
Peter Evans, Patriot One Technologies

During the Next Think: Big Ideas in Venue Tech panel at the VenuesNow Conference (Oct. 5-7) in Austin, Texas, leaders in the venue tech space will discuss the latest innovations, from increasingly prolific wireless solutions, robotics applications, mobile-based concessions and merchandise operations, making best use of 5G network speeds and more.

Panelist Peter Evans, CEO and director of Patriot One Technologies said the pressing concern is how to cut the clutter and noise of options and define a strategic, intelligent path for technology and innovation that is impactful and “not shelfware.”

“I have been fortunate to participate in multiple digital transformation projects and programs where technologies like AI and ML have fundamentally changed and disrupted entire industries, including telecom, data centers, cyber and physical security, marketing, advertising and financial service,” Evans said. “I have invented and own patents for innovations that propelled change to industries.”

The future is here, but so are the associated challenges. 

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“One of the most prevalent issues today is the use of facial recognition solutions,” explained Evans. “There is potential for great benefits for security, for patron experience, and other applications.  These are contrasted with growing concerns about the use, or abuse, of personal and private information.”

As digital innovation becomes commonplace, venue operators need to be informed and aware of their options. 

“Embrace digital innovation. Fast,” Evans said. “Laggards disappear quickly. There is increasing competition for the entertainment and experience dollars that is being driven by creative use of innovation. Embrace it but do your homework.”