WME Signs Japanese Girl Group SG5

Photo credit: Willem Stapel x Bryan Huynh, Courtesy of WME

WME has signed the Japanese girl group SG5 for global representation. SG5 will be represented by Ben Totis and David Bradley.

SG5 is the first music group in official collaboration with one of Japan’s Most renowned IPs, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. In June, the Japanese girl group announced their U.S. debut, and they are co-managed by LDH Japan Inc. and globally managed by Three Six Zero. SAYAKA, RURI, RUI, MIYUU and KAEDE make up the group’s members,

While the band has not yet released any music, they’ve already captured the intrigue of media companies due to their partnership with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Within the Sailor Moon world, the group serves as an intergalactic team that protects the universe from evil. SG5 serves as a modern interpolation of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and earned the blessing of Miss Takeuchi.